Oh No She Didn't!

I was so drunk that night.

I remember the thrill of the concert atmosphere, my best friend Jill saying she was going to buy us some swag, and pushing my way down to the mosh pit when she didn’t come back after the first song.

I remember the beers passed around and then the cups of something stronger. I was feeling a buzz when a smile, dimpled cheeks, and two blue eyes I recognized made my heart jump. I have no idea what I said, but I know that when I woke and saw him beside me nude in the hotel bed, I had to get out of there fast.

I took a taxi home, crawling into my own bed. The house was empty, having just shipped my only daughter off to college just last week. Thank goodness I don’t have to see her face frown at me in disgust. Thank goodness I don’t have to see her kiss the lips of her boyfriend affectionately before they head out the door together.

The same lips I suppose I had just kissed last night.

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