2 sides to every coin

Im not bad by nature im bad because I have to be,
Hi my name is mickey nicholi im a 1/2 demon
my father is nicholi the demon of grief
Dont get me wrong he loved me with all his heart so when the time came for me to become who i truely am I didnt object i let the mace come down
BLOOD SPLATTERED Everywhere! I mean Everywhere
My last conscious memory of my 1st life Was hitting the floor
I remember my father putting my Three quarters dead body into a ancient pentagram
he muttered A small spell asking lucifer to take me or something of that matter
I remember a huge burning sensation
I awoke to watch demons carving with there claws in my chest!
I almost screamed but for somereason i treated in as i was getting a shot
This agony lasted for a few hours
Then i awoke brushed the blood off myself and looked at myself in the merchants glassware
I had short black hair(WAS brown)
Red-burgendy eyes(Used to be green)
And wearing a black satanic cloak (I was wearing a brown shirt and pants
Then i looked at the merchant Evily

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