It Wouldn't Fit on the Marquee Anyway

George was characteristically quiet but anyone could tell by the look on his face that he thought it was ridiculous. Paul remained quiet too, but he had been egging Ringo on before the meeting. Ringo insisted, “It will be brilliant! Look here,” he held out a cocktail napkin on which he and Paul had sketched. “We’ll even have a special typeface.” No one really looked at the doodle. "I’m telling you, if we have to do the silly film anyway we should call it, ‘I Would be Incredibly Pleased if Someone Would Come to my Assistance.’

Fans would later point to this as the beginning of the end of the band. John threatened to boycott both the filming and recording sessions for the project. In truth, he really wanted to participate even more than anyone which made Paul’s subterfuge even more insidious. But John stood his ground on the point. They made the film. They recorded the music. Both were smash successes.

And, of course, they were called simply ‘Help!’

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