Red Planet

Ominous impacts reverberated quietly throughout the shelter like far away thunder on far away earth. Red sand fell through holes in the ceiling as if the shelter was at the center of a gigantic hourglass. Red dust covered everything in sight.

A man lay on the cot, a hospital gown giving him only the impression of any modesty. He stirred at the latest series of impacts,trying fitfully to fall back into the darkness. He reached towards his hip and, finding nothing, started violently and leaped out of the cot. His instincts took over and he made for the nearest corner. His pupils slowly un-dialated but his pulse remained high and a cold, beady sweat broke out on his forhead.

He glanced about the room, looking for any clue as to who he was or how he got there. He found a bloodstained uniform in the locker and quickly shucked off the revealing gown. He checked himself over in the mirror and saw ANDERSON sewn on the chest.

The PA crackled to life, startling him.
“Lieutenant Anderson to Control, ASAP. Repeat…

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