Living in the Retrograde

I was born at the moment of my death.

Progressing through the ages against the oncoming traffic of humanity, I didn’t age like most would have expected. By my twentieth year, I had dedicated myself to learning that which I could take with me. Physics, chemistry, literature… As the world seemed to forget these treasures, I would remember.

I travelled constantly, though never felt compelled to leave the British Isles. I never settled, merely providing my ‘wizardly’ services for food and occasional lodging.

I managed to successfully stay out of the public light until I found my way into a cave and couldn’t escape. Shortly after, I was freed (though I assume the lass thought she was PUTTING me here) and proceeded to be drawn in to the politics of the time.

I provided my services to Arthur Pendragon, then after assuring his ascension, I faded once again into the mists of obscurity.

Someday, this will all end with a beginning. My birth will be my death.

Until then, I remain as always…
- Merlin Ambrosius

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