A low growl emanated from the …creature? It seemed to be alive. Serafina jumped into the air, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, what is that girl? connecting with the creatures face with a thundering crack.

She landed with a skid onto the asphalt of the street. Whatever the creature was thinking before, it definitely was putting its full attention on Serafina now.

Ethan felt sick to his stomach, his knees shook. I, I have to get out of here! Ethan turned away from Serafina and the monster and ran, towards the remains of the explosion that had occurred earlier.

Something glowing from within the wreckage made Ethan slow down. Red, orb like, in pairs…More monsters? Ethan heard metallic rustling as the…things came out of the wreckage. They were big and centipede like, and they didn’t look especially friendly. They started emitting a low-frequency hum and seemed to be looking at him.

This day just keeps on getting better and better…

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