If A Smile Is Your Umbrella, You're Going To Get Wet

Rain, rain, rain.

Incessant rain has been beating down on the roof for more than a month now. Truth be known, it’s been making everyone depressed.

Gray skies, gray clouds, swollen rivers, swirling fog and mist; it’s a featureless world outside in the storm.

The kids and grandkids seem to be taking this storm in stride. Of course, we knew it was coming and made preparations. It was a given that all the evacuation routes were going to be clogged, so here we are, riding it out.

Less wind than I expected for such an onslaught. Mostly, it’s been rain, rain, rain.

A lot of motion sickness at first, after the flood waters came, but things have settled down a little since then. Chores keep everybody busy. We’ve always been an agrarian family, so the extra animals brought by the rising water hasn’t put anyone out much.

Anyhow, it’s been two weeks since I sent out the last bird to look for land, and today there have been breaks in the clouds and patches of blue showing through.

Things are looking up.

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