The Mirror

I walked through the dust of a dead world. Dirt caked my boots and armor. Up ahead I saw the edge of a crater. I started to run, desperate to reach it.

I skidded to a halt at the crater’s edge. Looking over the edge, I saw a tall mirror. “So this is where you ended up,” I said to it. I made my way slowly down the crater’s sides. As I approached I felt a small pulling sensation that intensified as I grew near.

I stopped in front of the mirror and rested my hand on the glass surface. “It’s amazing you’re even still around. You know what happened. You can undo all the damaged that happened.”

A howling sound came from the mirror.

“You can’t get involved? That must be why you brought me here.”

The pulling intensified, drawing me into the mirror. As I was pulled in I saw the conflict that had destroyed my galaxy. Then everything went black.

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