Ashes Remain: Chapter One;; Part 1

I sat hunched over a keyboard, punching in keys with great speed. I took pride in my work, although it was only a boring office job. I was merely a number in a sea of cubicles, but at least I enjoyed what I did, being anonymous. I heard someone clear their throat beside me, and I reluctantly tore my eyes away from the companies monitor. A small man in black slacks, whom I had never seen around, stood before the opening to my gray cubicle, hands on either side of the threshold.
“I am so sorry. If there is _any_thing I can do for you, just let me know,” his dark eyes looked sympathetic.
Brow furrowed in slight confusion, I nodded, and he walked away. I shook my jet black hair and turned back to my work, typing with more ferocity than before; I just wanted to get home. A few short moments later, a huge shadow overcame my whole workspace. Shrinking down into my chair as far as my long feature could manage, I turned to meet what was surely trouble.

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