Kal woke up screaming. His head felt like it was on fire. He screamed and thrashed around, hoping the pain would go away. A soft red light played over his body.

Two people observed him from behind one way glass.

“What is wrong with him.”

“Sir, not all the subjects take well to the psychic process. They may seem fine at first but they might have severe reactions to it later. The mind set for the process is extremly limited.”

“This subject, Kal as you call him, has been fine for the past 2 weeks. Not the head of the subjects but seemed to be strong enough.”

A beeping came from one of the consoles in the room.

“What is it Sil?”

A soft, feminine voice came from the console, “I have completed the scan of subject 27138.”


“The subject is not matching the brain patterns common among the failures in this program. His mind is working fine but seems to be being affected by an outside source. I am trying to trace the source of the outside signal.”

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