Bite Your Tongue

She wrapped her tongue around his and drew it into her own mouth. He tried to resist, but by then her razor-sharp teeth had already sunk into the soft, pink flesh.

She suckled his tongue, lashing her own across and around it, savoring the flavor and texture of it, relishing the warm stickiness of the blood that now flowed. He tried to pull back, once, but that only razored her teeth in deeper, and so he quickly subsided. For her part, she seemed unhurried, content instead to enjoy the taste of fresh, tender flesh.

His eyes were wide with panic, and he moaned into her mouth, not in ecstasy but in fear and agony. The more she sucked, the further her teeth bore down. He could feel his tongue beginning to tear away, and panicked, he struggled again. He pulled his head back, and she clamped down. With a strangled cry he stumbled away, hands clapped over his mangled, bleeding mouth. Strands of his own tongue dangled from her teeth.

He turned and fled, leaving the grinning demon with the bloody smile behind him.

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