Drafts, Drifts, and Mishaps

The hours I spent in the bathroom after eating at the cafeteria, kept me from the rest of my classes including Chem lab. Missing one assignment there could drop my entire grade. I had to make it up tonight.

The campus after midnight was strange and vacant. Even the students whose classes had ended at ten-thirty had vanished into the night. Due to “green” concerns, the majority of the campus was dark. Only tiny emergency lights lit the hallways giving them a decidedly haunted look.

The stairs to the second floor seemed different but I paid them no mind and entered the lab. Something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until I opened the tall cabinet to gather the bottles I needed for the experiment that the room came alive. The doors pulled away from my grasp, and the hard lines of the room’s seams twisted and writhed. It was like my eyes were crossed but there was no way to uncross them. Pressure built inside my head, the room began to spin, glass shattered and darkness enveloped me.

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