A Link in Chaotic Events

Something nosed into my armpit. I tried to push it away but my body was sluggish in responding. Whatever it was gave an irritated snuffle and left me. I opened one eye long enough to see a small grey, striped shape disappear into the hallway. It looked more like a furry pig than a cat.

I used the low window sill to pull myself to my feet. Broken glass and chemicals clung to my shirt. Something had happened. It was hard to concentrate. The air was thick with sharp smells that made my head throb and the room vibrate.

I pushed the window open to increase circulation. Rhythmic gusts of air pushed against the windows making them flex in their frames. The building shuddered as something large landed on top of the Chem lab. A braying cry followed the impact and as the wind subsided I could hear shouting in a harsh and unfamiliar language. Outside a line of headlights pulled up in front of the University. Too much was happening and I didn’t understand any of it. The safest thing was to watch it unfold from here.

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