Lemme Walk with You

I slumped while she drew me carefully. Suddenly, the bell rang and everyone began to go in. “Hey, I’ll finish you later. What class do you have now?” She asked. “Algebra. You?” I said. “Art. See you later James.” She told me as she ran inside. I could hardly pay attention in class. I kept thinking about after school. I didn’t wanna go home at all. The 1st period bell rang and I was on my way to the door. As I opened it, there was Sandra, standing beside the door.
“I made your picture..” She said smiling at me. I lifted it up. She was an amazing artist. I put it in my drawing book. Suddenly, I heard: “James McClory to guidance please.” I sighed heavily as the hallway began to empty. “I gotta go.” I said smiling. Sandra slid her tiny arm in mine. I flinched. “Lemme walk with you.” She asked. We walked down to guidance, when it occurred to me what this might of been about. My family. “Sandra, umm, you should go to class.” I told her. She shook her head. “What’s the worst thing that could happen.” She said.

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