The Elderly Couple

They woke.
‘Feels like an eternity we’ve been here,’ she muttered into the darkness.
‘Ah. My dear. Pretend to take hold of my hand. Take hold of its warmth and do not let it go. Follow me in my imagination.’ She turned her head and smiled into the nothingness where he lay. ‘Strip away the concrete buildings which stretch forever into the sky so our faces are lit by light not man-made. Remove the boats that caress the seas and see the sea for its simplicity. Now the planes that putter above – swat them.’ She swished her hand in a fluid motion touching nothing. ‘The roads are now gone, and the pipelines too. The miles of wire forever returned to its origins below the rock. We are as we were all those years ago. Hand in hand we see plains as plain as day. The sky and sea. We see you and me.’ He turned to where she lay and hoped she had turned to him. ‘Forever six feet under but always side by side.’
’That’s how they left us here anyway.’
They shared a laugh and then shared silence, returning to their slumber.

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