Playing with Time

And time was exactly what Time had plenty of. There was no rush, no urgency in solving this matter. Time had all the time he needed to find the exact moment when things began to go wrong for the two teenagers.

And so, Time began to concentrate, getting stiffer and stiffer. Eventually, time became viscous, and the eventually came to a stop. At this point in time, Time just sat there.

And then he started to do things backwards:
He ate his soup with a fork. He started to walk on his head. He wrote his friend Gravity a letter going from the right to the left. He even had cereal for lunch!

Soon, Time had influenced time enough that it began to travel backwards. But time was not really going backward. Time never does. Time was going forward, but was hosting events from the past. Everything was replaying itself.

Time sat on his timeless gilded chair awfully confused. However, it didn’t take him too long to notice the boy and girl below him.

Ah, this was it, he thought. This was when they met…

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