A Sunset to Remember.

The now orange sun was melting softly into the calm, peaceful sea. Not a whisper of wind could be heard. The only sound was of the soft fingers of the ocean tickling the yellow beach. A tiny, blue yacht on the horizon, no bigger than a grain of rice, was sailing through the long puddle of sunlight that floated across the sea.

To the left was a tall, grey cliff face which shadowed the ground far below. Restless birds nested among the rocks and sang in perfect harmony.

As the sun set, a dozen colours melted together in the vast, endless sky. Blue turned into a baby pink which then merged into a peachy orange. Orange dissolved into a deep, blood red which mixed with a dark purple that dripped from above. The towel on which I comfortably sat matched the colours in the beautiful, rainbow sky. The scene now brilliant shades of purple and red.

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