The Master of Dimensions

I’m standing on a pedestal of pure white, being held in the infinite blue sky by a needle thin pillar that stretches below beyond sight. He’s in front of me, 13 feet tall, his brown robe in ripples around his body, shrouded face alight by the disturbing, alien red of his eye.

“So, let me get this straight,” I say. “This Izori, other world, whatever, has lost all its people? And you need me to go there instead of them?”

“Not people, Matthew. Humans. All the humans have been lost.” His voice is really deep, too deep, but that’s not what freaks me out. It echoes. There’s nothing up here to make it echo. “And you are indeed needed, not to replace them, but to act in their stead. The many races of that Dimension are in dire need of your assistance.”

“Look, I’m still not sure I’m not hallucinating. The last thing I remember was the other car…”

“Yes, and your body is in a comatose state in a hospital. Your rather unique soul is perfect for the sending. I can see your doubt, Matthew. You will not refuse me.”

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