Sometimes you feel great, nothing can knock you out of your zone.
Other times things couldn’t get any worse.
Sometimes things get unbearable and you look for a back door out. Away from what had you troubled.
Sometimes the stars seem closer than other nights.
Maybe you can reach out and grab one.
Times you want to get away, far away.
Then sometimes you couldn’t be happier to see your moms face.
Your eyes may swell with tears one day.
But they eventually dry.
My, my, my you don’t even have to be high.
Sometimes things don’t need structure.
They just need to be allowed to roam free in order for them to fully blossom.
Just find peace in what you do. Everything else should follow after.
I’m just typing as I think it. But it just feels right to do this.
Listeners, listen. Tellers, tell. Even if you don’t read everything’s swell.

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