New Toys

Quentin let loose a long string of barely intelligible curse-words as he lifted his foot so he could floor the accelerator again. The car, a black convertible, lunged forward with a roar.

Lights danced in the review mirror.

He couldn’t believe they were still there. They’d been following him for miles and he could never quite lose them. Three separate times he thought he was safe and each time they reappeared closer than before. It was time to put some real distance between them.

The moment he crossed onto highway 80, he slammed the pedal to the floor and let the engine do what it was made to do. The speed and power filled him with confidence. The needle buried itself past the 240 mph mark and still the red and blue lights gained on him.

“Impossible.” he breathed.

As the lights caught up to and settled above him, Quentin realized for the first time that it wasn’t the cops he’d been racing for the last hour- he’d been playing hide and seek with a UFO.

Light surrounded the car and Quentin screamed.

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