Brothers, Guns, and Manliness

There ain’t a thing inherently manly about pulling a trigger. Time to time, the subtleties of life combine in terms of what put the gun in such a position and just whereto that bullet is whipping off to such that the whole situation might meet muster for what we’d call manly.

Cases in point, one might consider the Kaelyn brothers and the events of last September. Jacob, the elder brother, was smart as a whip and as light in the loafers as half a sack of feathers. Horrace, younger by a half a dozen years, had as his cardinal feature orneriness, which by some is frequently mistaken as manliness, with a poor general sense of hygiene to cement the impression.

Being more philosophical than pragmatic, Jacob never owned a gun, an odd thing in itself in a frontier town like Holbrook, AZ. Horrace owned several and used them frequently, a point of warm contention between the two brothers. Warm contention was the most applicable term, as it never really cooled down but never got too hot with Jacob bowing out.

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