First Steps

“Tell me what I’m looking at.”

There in the middle of the observation room was a small electronics housing with four aluminum appendages, which at present were flailing wildly.

“A blank slate, its the Trinibot body with the programming wiped.”

“What’s it doing?”

“The only program its running is our new hypothesis generation and confirmation algorithm. Not even a simple physics engine. What it can do is make a guess about the nature of its inputs. Then, with information available it continually tests those guesses. It stores confirmed data, purges unconfrimed data, and generates new guesses. At a rate of about 10,000 per second.”


“Well, Thank you, James, I…”

“No, look.”

The once flailing robot body had steadied itself on the ground, and pulled itself to stand on two appendages. After a few stumbles forward, it had begun walking a few steps at a time.

“Like a toddler taking its first steps!”

“Yes, and its just started learning. It won’t stop until its learned everything it can.”

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