Define Super...

You pick an activity and someone out there is the best at it. Some people find that they are given a gift that society deems to be worthy of praise. Michael Phelps for instance could swim faster than anyone on the earth, and for this he has made millions and won several gold medals. Like Phelps, Ross McCullah is the best at something, though he has never once been shown praise for what he does.

Ross was born with the innate ability to sweep. If you give that man a broom he could sweep a floor cleaner and in less time than any man on earth.

Marbles? He crushes it.

Hair? You’d never know it touched the ground.

Dry food? A cinch.

Wet food? Well, as far as wet food was concerned, Ross was the worst at mopping in all of the world.

Sadly, not all super powers are really all that super.

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