Just Get Me There

Only 30 miles to go, and here I am, broke down on the side of the highway with cars flying by. I could pop the hood, then what? What good would that do?

You see those people broke down on the side of the road with the hood open and they’re staring at something they don’t understand with no idea what the problem is. They are just as helpless as I am now. So forget it, I’m leaving it shut. I’m not gonna cross my arms either. That’s weak.

I just need to get to the city. I crouch down and stare right into those headlights, the windows to the car’s soul. Or is it the windows that are the windows to the car’s soul? I don’t know, but I implore that damn car to start up. I promise it an oil change, premium gas, my firstborn child. Somehow it feels like I am getting through, so I slide back behind the wheel. With one last appeal, I turn the key.

A groan and a shudder and she starts up again for me. I smile to myself, she falls for it every time. Hopefully this buyer in the city will take her off my hands for good.

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