The Key to a Better Life (Odd Superpower Challenge)

“How about that one?”
“Too bouncy.”
“And her?”
“Too sprightly.”
“That one. Look, you can see the bags and everything.”
Edhra looked him over. He did have all the signs; walking a bit stiff, an energy drink in one hand and a briefcase in the other. A yawn stifled behind an modest silver wristwatch. Perfect. Edhra superstitiously kissed the golden key around his neck and followed the man home.

An hour later he knocked at the man’s door.
“Yes, hello,” Edhra said, through the large and heavy cardboard box he was holding, “I’m here to deliver your new bed?”
“I haven’t ordered one.”
“But you need one.”
“Hm,” said the man, “I… well I suppose I do.”
“I knew it!” Edhra hefted his package through the door, and whumped it down on the living room floor.
“What do I owe you?”
“It’s a gift! Use it wisely and well.” Edhra then presented the wary man a twisted bit of steel and big smile. “You’ll need this,” he said with a wink.

And with that, the god of self-assembled furniture went proudly on his way.

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