He jolted upright in the improvised computer chair, instantly alert. He was startled by what he had seen at the bottom of the screen, he half didnt believe it had been there; lost in the links, he couldnt be sure of what he was seeing. He frantically clicked the back button, lamenting his computer’s old lady reaction times.

But yes! It was really there!
He couldnt believe it, so many memories came flooding to the front of his brain, things and people he had never thought he would see or hear from again suddenly filled his computer screen like wildflowers, beautiful and nostalgic with lost time all at once. He didnt join for a long time, just browsed once familiar names and stories wistfully long into the night, running down endless virtual library shelves and devouring everything he could reach. Eventually, he logged in and a half remembered sense of belonging and happiness filled him until he just read and wrote and smiled.

Ficly. Its name was even similar.
He had found home again.

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