Cold Steerage

Cryostasis sucks.

Unfortunately, with Earth’s economy the way it’s been ever since the extrasolar colonies started exporting more than they import, the only way to get a decent job is by going through the gateway to those same colonies and begging them for one. They appreciate the irony.

And the only way to get out there is by spending what little money you might have left to get a ride in cryo on a converted cargo ship.

Once aboard, you’re crammed into a chamber that could barely qualify as a coffin, strapped down, and get needles jammed into several major arteries. If you’re very lucky, you succumb to the anesthetic they shoot into you and pass out right away, before they pump out most of your blood and replace it with a chilled saline solution. You then spend the next few months as a human ice cube, all the way to Ganymede Station.

Sadly, as bad as that might sound, it’s not the worst part by a long shot.

The worst part is when they wake you up.

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