Know Your Enemy

I eased around the corner, laser pistol at the ready. I’d done fairly well against my foe to this point, and I wasn’t about to give up now. I checked the readout on my gun. My armor was down to 20% and I had about five shots left to fire.

Better make them count.

In the distance, I caught sight of a shadow not moving in concert with the others in this deserted street. I crouched down and took aim, waiting for my alien foe to come close enough for a sure shot.

The motion must have alerted her, as she started advancing faster on my position. I squeezed off a few rounds, but she dodged each one and ducked around the corner of a nearby structure. When she poked her head out to size up a shot, I fired my last bolt.

It connected. Game over.

The lights came up and I removed my helmet. “Good game! I love this Laser Tag Arena you’ve found!”

My friend laughed as she removed her own helmet, floodlights illuminating her soft gray skin and reflecting from her large obsidian eyes. “You play a mean game, Parker!”

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