Hit the Road

For me, the end came suddenly. I was walking, thinking.
Then I Hit the Road.
I was always told to slow down, to realise I wasn’t invincible. I scoffed.
I didn’t know, he was waiting for me, always waiting, and I paid no attention to ihm, because he was always so quiet, doing the impossible by liking me. Walking on water, they’d say.
It’s a mystery. They’re crying. Why?
I can’t see the reason.
Got confused, by it. I was lost. No map to this road.
No direction, but you must turn one way or another.
I refused to turn to him, as he stood on the lake, crying.
Then he was in the lake.
And all I saw was a reflection.
No perception, couldn’t think.
To choose, I should have chosen him.
Too Late. He walked. I fell. He fell.
Into the Water.

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