Modern Magic

Another mistake.

Another solemn lecture.

The guru stroked his grey beard and stared at the apprentice across from him, expectantly. He was neither impatient nor frustrated with the youngster. He was attempting to impart a deep and vast knowledge in a short amount of time and the apprentice was simply inexperienced.

“I— I’m not sure.”

“Nonsense,” said the guru, waving his hands in the air dismissively. “You know the commands. You’ve read the texts. You just need to be confident in when to use them. When you are done, this world and all you have created will depend on you to keep things running nicely and without contention.”

“I’ll do my best.”

The guru nodded, knowingly. “I’m sure you will. Summon me when you are done.” And with that, the guru left.

The apprentice stared at the world before him. “Hello, world,” he whispered to no one in particular. “And goodbye.”

He gathered his resolve and invoked the arcane commands so that he may begin anew.

sudo /bin/rm -rf /

And the world went dark.

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