Leeto, A Summary

Leeto Homero, having lost his parents to the plague, moves in with his Nana. Never without his teddy bear, they discover that his Papa had a few childhood secrets.

When Nana suddenly becomes deathly ill with fever, Leeto fears for his future. He knows he has to save her.

The answer lies in the painting in the attic which glows with magical light. Leeto knows he is destined to cross its gilded frame and face unknown dangers.

Joined by an assortment of fantastic creatures, and his trusted teddy who comes to life inside the painting, he must battle an army of trolls led by the skeleton king. Learning of the evil plan to strengthen the evil skeleton’s magical powers and turn humans into trolls, Leeto must lead an army to rid the land of this foul creature to gain the cure he needs for his Nana.

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