I should not exist. At least that is what my fathers say.

It is imperative that I do exist. That is what the Seers say.

If I live, the order of the universe is threatened. That is what the
Guardians say.

I am, and I will endeavour to be all that I can. That is what I say.


My name is Juliet, and I am an enigma. I puzzle everyone who knows
about my true nature. My fathers love me, and each other, and for that
I am grateful. The Seers say that my life was foretold and will bring
greatness to those blessed with the Gift. The Guardians of the Esseren
say that I threaten the very fabric of the universe and should be put
to death. I am writing down my story so that I can better explain
myself, to quieten the fear I unwittingly inspire, and to help myself
remember, though I know I can never forget.

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