Little girl Sammy

Sammy was just a little girl with eyes as bright as spring. She could laugh for hours at a time, and she had always loved to sing. Her mother was a little odd, with a mind that was not quite sane, though Sammy loved her more than anything and she never would complain.

Sammy didn’t have many friends, apart from the boy that she called Joe. She ate with him at lunch times and loved to play with him in the snow. She said he was her best friend, and held his hand when walking home. They go out together on Sunday mornings through the moors because Sammy had always loved to roam.

Sammy had a big blue book, she filled it with poems she and Joe had wrote. All about the sun and days in Autumn when they had made that little boat. They’d taken it to the local lodge and even made it float.

The photos – they were all of Sammy and Joe. Though he, for some reason, did not show.

The kids at school, they laughed at Sammy and her friend. They said she was a maniac, like her Mother who now almost always stayed in bed.

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