Madd Dogg Gets Bit

“I met this great girl online,” gushed Madd Dogg to me one day while we were taking a lunch break. We’d washed every fire engine in the house and had rerolled all the hoses for good measure.

I bit off a chunk of bologna and onion sandwich and commented between chews, “Nothing good ever comes off the Internet.”

“Man, you should see her though.” Since first grade, Madd Dogg had always been intense about everything he did. We graduated high school and the firefighter’s academy in the same class, him at the top of each class, me in the getalong slot. We disagreed on this one though.

“Nobody tells the truth on that computer,” I said skeptically. “You’ll see.”

The alarm bell rang and we went off on a call. After shift change, he went his way and I went mine, still arguing over “that Internet girl.”

Next morning’s newspaper headlines said it all: “Deputies Arrrest Firefighter In Underage Internet Sting”

I thought, “Dang it, why didn’t you listen?”

But it was no use. The trouble was just getting started.

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