If you only knew my name

I was at world’s end and the only thing I could see around me was water. A vast spread of deep blue that ran off the horizon. I wasn’t swimming and yet I was still afloat. I remained emotionless, that was until I saw him in the distance. As he swam closer my heart fluctuated and emotion began to reverberate through my body.
He was no longer in the distance, he was right in front of me. I extended my arm and to astonishment he took it. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. I had never touched him before but it felt so real with my hand in his. I could’ve stayed like that forever, staring into his beautiful hazel eyes, but fate wouldn’t have that.
I woke up to the harsh reality of Monday morning. I knew it was only a dream when I arrived at school and saw him behind the science block making out with another girl. There was absolutely no hope, he didn’t even know my name.

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