A Unknown morning

I hear a noise, a high pitched screeching. Am i dreaming? The noise gets louder and louder, but i don’t know what it is, or where it is coming from. As the noise gets louder, i can recognize it, its the humming of my family tea pot.

Then as the noise irritates me, I open my eyes, and find myself in a small room. There is a desk to the right, and i hear a siren going off. I wonder to myself
Where am i, and what am i doing here?
A few men, armed and wearing camo rush into my room, and say
“General, were under attack!”
I ask “What? General? i work at the grocery store, how am i a general?”
The men laugh and say “This is no time for a joke, sir, get the soldiers up” and they rush off.
Ok, apparently i went from a bagger to general, i don’t know how this happened, but ill play it out.
As i’m walking into the bunk rooms, i can already see the men, rubbing their eyes, they look like they have a thousand questions to ask. I clear my voice then yell
“This is not a drill, we are under attack!”

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