Half-Year Anniversary Poem

1 day
2 people came together; not knowing they would say
3 words to each other
4 one reason; and spend more than
5 months together; and on their
6th month, read these
7 lines

Her Soldier

I’m your soldier; I’m your fighter
Always there for you
Especially when your down and blue
Though I don’t know what to do

I’ll try to be the hand that helps you up,
And the hug when you are scared,
The touch that warms your heart; letting you know that I am there

Because as long as you’re doing fine
No sadness shall be mine
With that smile on your face
Beautiful, I never feel out of place

You know it’s been half a year love,
Think of all we’ve been through
From the flirting, to the silence, to me coming to love you
And for me these feelings are very new

Though life may be hard on you
Let’s hold ourselves together,
I know we’ll make it by

Because I’m your soldier; Always fighting
To keep our love alive

I love you with all my heart Blair
Happy 6th!

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