Forever unwind

To my surprise, what I did find, was nothing I’d ever seen.

An old watch with no band, three hours behind, but still ticking along with ease. Three half pence, cut down the middle, their bronze plain to see. A stack of letters, postage paid, turned yellow in their age. All on top a binder, half inch thick, and three fourths full at the least.

The watch was intriguing, at least for a moment, but soon lost it’s charm. The letters had grabbed my new found attention, as I noticed they were addressed to me. Their glue held fast, struggling to the last, until at last their bonds broke free.

I read them in silence, their old paper crinkling, until at last my head was full. They were all kinds of nonsense, but the best kind of nonsense, and they were only meant for me. It turns I was a prince, royal heir to a palace, located so far away. The watch kept their time, and would forever unwind, until it’s home it did finally see.

And that was the beginning of an adventure that was meant just for me.

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