The Day the Food Stopped

The Man did enjoy his food. No matter what found itself to his plate, he made sure it found its way to his mouth. The table seemed filled with foods from all over the globe. It seemed as if every cook world had suddenly put all of their efforts into feeding him. The Man never stopped eating and never planned to. The Man’s gut expanded every day, but he did not worry. He had unlimited notches for his belt.

The Man had not always been this way. He had once been very modest. He ate only what he needed and enjoyed what he was given. It was satisfying. But then the Man discovered different tastes and they were good. Everyday, a new discovery, a new way to fill himself. Before too long, he couldn’t stop. The tastes seemed unlimited, for no one could see an end.

But the table eventually emptied. The cooks had stopped working, the ingredients had run out. The Man did not know what to do. He had had too much for too long. How could he go back to before? What was the point of that life? The Man starved.

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