We were calming down. We’d been fighting for twenty minutes and we were starting to cool off.

“Do you remember when we didn’t care?” She asks quietly.

“We were just two kids who took the moment when it was there,” I smiled, “I remember when we stole the ngith; jsut lieing awake till dawn.”

She moved suddenly, catching me off-guard, a new passion in her voice, “Talk to me! I’m throwing myself in front of you!”

I frowned, cradling my head in my hands, “All I ever do is give-”

“It’s time you see my point of view-”

A flurry of words exchange, stinging like needles.

“Didn’t I? Didn’t I tell you?!?”

“I need you so deeply, but all you wanna do is leave!”

“I NEVER SAID THAT!” I trail off, “What can I do?”

“Say it’s true!”

“It just feels like everything that matters is broken now…”

“Say it’’s true!”

“I’ll never ask for anyone but you!”

Her movements began to match her tone, “SAY IT’S TRUE!”



“But you don’t think I’ve said enough, I’M SORRY!”


She said it all.

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