Elevator Muzak, Live

“Bum bum yeahhh, do do do bop. Dum de dum yeahhhh!” A mixture of humming, whistling, and very bad beat boxing filled the tiny elevator.

Cassandra aimed her best hate-beam at the source of the irritating noise, the shaggy boy next to her. He caught her eye and smiled.

“You know that song?”

Clueless, thought Cassandra, absolutely clueless. “No,” she said allowed. “I don’t.”

“Really?” The boy furrowed his brow in concentration and began humming again. “It goes like that. They’ve been playing it on the radio all week.”

Annoyingly, the boy’s tune did sound a little like the newest song from DJ Jazzy Jazz, but Cassandra wasn’t about to admit that.

“Don’t know it.” She crossed her arms and looked away. Her view of the elevator doors, opening at a floor depressingly far from her own, was interrupted by the boy’s face.

“I’m Steven.” He grinned at her again and swung his hand violently towards hers.

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