The Insane Knight Goes to War (Part 2)

The Insane Knight, his dwarven zombie sidekick, Tlod, and Montalban the Poodle (who was formerly a human) rode on the back of the dragon named Horse as he flew over the town. The dragon descended towards the ground and landed in the path of the approaching army.

The army of Richard the Mean Spirited slowed to a halt and a few of the men dismounted and approached. The Insane Knight dismounted and Tlod reluctantly followed. As they approached the group of men, the Knight said, “Who among you is known as Richard the Mean Spirited?”

“I am Richard the Mean Spirited,” a heavily bearded man said, “We are willing to offer you leave before we destroy this villa…..” Before Richard could finish the Insane Knight swung his Invisible Sword and decapitated him. The other men backed up in shock.

“You were supposed to negotiate,” one of the men said, “That is why we do the group and meet thing before we fight. Don’t you know the rules?”

“We did negotiate,” the Knight replied, “He made an offer. I declined.”

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