I Bet He Likes You

“So you just went with him?” Tessa said incredulously. Cassandra’s petite blond friend sat primly on a spongey orange subway seat with folded arms.

“Well…yeah.” Cassandra didn’t quite know how to explain. “It turned out to be fun.”

“Since when are you spontaneous?” Tessa gave her friend a playful punch on the arm and laughed. “So are you going back next week?”

“Next week?”

“Yeah, Tai Chi’s every Monday.” Tessa, a compulsive learner with a photographic memory, probably knew the schedule for every class offered at the university.

“I don’t know- hey, our stop.” Cassandra stood up, thankful for the distraction from having to think about seeing Steven again. She hated to admit it, but the tall, grungy boy was undeniably cute.

Unfortunately, Tessa was not the type to forget a topic of conversation. Five minutes later in the open air, she looked sideways at Cassandra and said, “I bet he likes you.”

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