String that Bass

“Tess!” Cassandra yelped. “You sound like you’re in high school, he does not ‘like me’.”

Tessa stuck out her tongue. “I bet he does.”

Cassandra rolled her eyes pointedly. “Well. We’ll see next week then, won’t we.”

“You’re going?!” Tessa clapped her hands gleefully. “Oh god, we have to start planning your outfit!”


“Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, bum de dum yeahhh hmm hmmmm-“

“STEVEN! IF YOU SING THA’ CRAP SONG ONE MORE TIME AH WILL RIP OUT YOUR VOCAL CORDS AND STRING MAH BASS WITH THEM!” An angry Scottish voice roared out of Steven’s apartment as he locked the door behind him.

“Do I have four vocal cords?” Steven shouted back, cheerfully. “I think I only have two!”

“AH WILL USE DJ JAZZY JAZZ’S AS WELL,” the irate bassist continued as he entered the hallway. He was revealed to be very short man with static-y blond hair and a Husker Du tshirt- Steven’s reluctant roommate, Bran.

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