The Enlightened

Man has always attempted to explain that which we could not understand. Given the amount of data they had, it is understandable why early humans believed the earth was flat. Even millenia after science proved that the Earth was not the center of the universe, humans sat comfortably among other assumptions that assured them a peaceful relationship with reality. The greatest minds of the time believed that humans were free to make their own decisions. Today, the concept of predetermined affectation is the basis for all of our understanding of interpersonal relationships. At a molecular level, the preferences are set in a human brain. Yet, the uneducated still cling to their notions of free will, because the illusion of control it gives them fulfills their need for understanding. It is obvious that the superstitions of the lower societal classes are at the root of the decline that society has made since the early 21st century. For future generations to avoid this pitfall, we must begin with education.

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