If you’re hearing this, then someone will have survived The Great Meteor Storm. For that I am grateful; it means that our species has lived on despite the most epic disaster in the history of this planet.

The swarm took our scientists by surprise. Who could have guessed that an entire world could be decimated in a single stroke by rocks traveling at .6 of light speed. By the time we discovered them, they were here.

Tidal waves inundated what had not already been laid waste by land strikes. No countryside or city was spared. What did not evaporate on impact disintegrated against the shock waves.

The pictures that accompany this recording bear testament to the totality of the destruction.

That you are alive to bear witness to this record means I have not failed in my duty. Bless you and stay safe.

The screen went dark.

“Captain,” the crewman to the left said after a long silence, “It’s time to go.”

The whine of shuttlecraft engines winding up was the only other sound on anotherwise dead world.

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