Gror Methonyg and the Abyss of the Unknowable!

Gror always knew he’d grow up to be someone special. The day he turned 18 dawned sunny and clear. Gror picked up the helmet he had forged of shiny aluminum, hopped on his best steed, a stable donkey named Horse, and made for the most dangerous locale the town had to offer. The Abyss of the Unknowable!

Try as he might, Gror and his ‘friends’ at school had never found the bottom of the abyss. They couldn’t see it, it was always pitch black in that pit. They couldn’t hear it, no matter how many stones they threw down there. And no one wanted to venture into it.

But today Gror was going to find out what was down there. He’d a flashlight and his spelunking gear. Surely there was a bottom. He’d go down in history as a famous explorer!

He tied his belay line to Horse, told him to stay, and climbed in, feet first. He bravely looked down into the darkness, fumbling for his flashlight. First it swallowed his helm, then his light, and finally Gror’s pleas for help.

The Abyss preferred to stay Unknowable.

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