The Perspective Thief (re-posted)

“I did not steal your blanket!”

“Then why do I wake up cold every morning?”

“What? That makes no sense. You’re cold therefore I stole the blankets? You are an idiot.”

“Where are you going? This isn’t over. I know you did it and I’ll prove it.”

“How do you plan to do that? You planning to videotape me again? Maybe freak out in court? How’d that work for you last time?”

“How, I’ll tell you how. I’ll ask them.”

“Who’s them”

“Them, those people right there.”

“Are you talking about the readers?”

“Yes, they have followed the whole thing. They know what you did.”

“You think so do you? Ok, let’s ask them. Go ahead, ask them.”

“I will and then we’ll see who’s right.”

“This has become tiresome. I’m leaving, do whatever you want.”

“Hey you. Hellooooo, You there? Did you read The Blanket Thief? Did you read the sequels?”
“You did, awesome. Could you please tell her to stop taking my blankets?”

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