Marie Curie and Calamity Jane Reach Pluto

“P…Pluto?” Marie asked. “What is that?”

“Oh, just another dwarf planet,” Jane replied. She got a quizzical look on her face. “Say, where’d you come from, anyway?”

“I…” Marie started. “I…I cannot recall. I was working in my laboratory, and something must have happened with my sample…”

“Accident, huh?” Jane prompted. Marie opened her mouth to speak but Jane continued on anyway. “I got enough stories of those to fill a book. Like why I’m right here—I was trying to text someone, and ended up here while I was trying to get reception. It was dark, so I tried to find the light switch, but none of the ones I tried worked, and after flipping a couple hundred switches up, this thing launched and next thing I knew I was at eight gees towards Pluto.”

Marie had a flash of inspiration. “Where am I?”

“We are…” Jane examined a gauge. “Two hundred kilometers above Pluto’s surface. We should be landing in—”

The ship suddenly shuddered, the chassis folding like an accordion as it buried itself in the surface of Pluto.

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