Crisis of Faith

I gave you everything you ever asked for. I listened to your dreams and wore the Crown of Heaven or bore the flaming sword. I was Mother, Father, Lover, Warrior, Avenger and Protector.

I gave you magick and science, performed miracles that slowly lost their luster. I came closer when you cried for Me in your sleep. I drifted away when you sought to stand on your own. I have made the world a million times with song, dance, word, blood and birth.

Mostly I have loved you all. Every single one of you with a passion that cannot be eclipsed. Even in the depths of the horrors you are capable of, I have loved you. You cannot burn or bleed or hate enough for Me to stop loving you.

But now I hear dreams that call Me a grand lie, a delusion used to control the ignorant. An eternity of wonder spread before you like a feast, and what you want most is My death. No, worse, you want Me to not have existed at all. Each day more of you share the same dream.

It is the one thing I cannot give.

And it breaks My Heart.

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